Thursday, April 18, 2024

California’s Marijuana Mecca Inches Closer To Completion

The tiny town of Nipton was once built by the gold rush, is now being completely transformed by the green rush into a marijuana mecca.

American Green, Inc. bought the entire town of Nipton, all 80 acres, which had been for sale since January with an asking price of $5 million. American Green wants this near ghost town to thrive again, with sustainable energy sources and above all else as a marijuana destination.

They’ve already renovated a small cafe and have big plans for providing the town with ample lodging. There are plans for public smoking and the bringing in of entrepreneurs who don’t want to be saddled by government regulation. They hope for cultivators, processors and edibles makers to find their new home in this pot destination.

Now all’s they need is the weed. California still doesn’t go legal until January 2018 and there are no medical dispensaries in town. But as the saying goes, if you build it, they will come and the savvy, publically traded company had a good idea of what they were doing when they purchased the town.

Nipton is on the edge of the Mojave desert and is nearly a straight shot from Las Vegas. Though certainly off the beaten path, it’s isolation and rustic charm already draw tourists looking for a western experience.

Now American Green hopes that they’ll flock to the green experience, from green energy to the greens that will be publically imbibed.

Stephan Shearin is the project lead for American Green when it comes to Nipton and says that it changes by the day, according to WBIR: “It’s really a combination of modernizing some things, returning other things to the way they were, and bringing in our own touches,” he said.

Among other, more marijuanacentric ideas, American Green hopes to restore postal service and bring in banking. It will be interesting to see if the bank they bring in is a marijuana friendly bank, as nearly all banks shy away from the yet unregulated and federally illegal cannabis marketplace.

According to WBIR, Shearin also said, “This isn’t an 80-ace development of condos. People have been living there for 130 years. We’re evolving the town into the future.”

And the future looks bright indeed, at least for now. Once all logistics are in place and the public smoking and bud businesses kick in, we’ll see how long the administration let’s the west continue to run wild.


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