Saturday, July 20, 2024

8 Times ‘The Simpsons’ Perfectly Predicted The Future

No matter how much time passes and how many iterations of the iPhone exist, you can always rely on the  “The Simpsons” to be a place where things tend to stay the same. Homer will always love beer, Bart will always love his skateboard, Lisa will always be goals AF, and Maggie will always be a toddler. Also, Marge will never change her hairstyle because the world couldn’t stand it. 

We’re also sure that the writers of the show have some hidden crystal ball that can see the future, because these predictions are uncanny.

Here are 8 times when reality hit Springfield before it hit us:

Donald Trump Is President

The most unimaginable and most jarring prediction ever aired on a Simpsons episode in the year 2000. Who would’ve thought that The Simpsons would foresee the results of the most controversial elections in American history, 16 years before they happened?


I remember when smartwatches came out and thought they were the stupidest and most useless thing ever. Now everyone has them. Should’ve paid more attention to The Simpsons.

Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show

She had to copy it. It’s the only way.

Disney Buying 20th Century Fox

It’s only a matter of time before Disney comes knocking on your door and kicks you out of your house. Surprise! They just bought the state where you live.

The NSA Spies

On The Simpsons Movie, the family goes into hiding and they’re located because the NSA listens in on their phone conversations. Ring any bells?


On the episode of ‘Lisa’s Wedding’ we see a futuristic version of the world where Lisa is face timing Marge. The episode aired in 1995, a time when we were barely getting used to the idea of having computers in our houses. Steve Jobs who? Credit where credit is due. 

Siegfried & Roy’s Tiger Attack

Ok, in the show the characters are called Gunter and Ernst but we all know who they’re really supposed to be.

Miley’s Wrecking Ball

The original Wrecking Ball aired in 1994. Miley Cyrus did a remake on 2013.


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