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Canada Wants To Teach You Marijuana Slang Terms Like ‘Dank Krippy’

Canada is like America in a lot of ways but the differences between the two countries tend to be profound. The one necessary for our interests is simple—marijuana isn’t so evil to Canadian authorities as America’s Attorney General tends to view the issue. In fact, Canada will enact plans to legalize recreational marijuana sales this summer.

But how will Canadian adults talk to their kids about a previously illegal substance becoming a legalized recreational activity? Well, lucky for them, the Canadian government wanted to help and culled together an informational dossier about the language of cannabis.

The digital packet does include some useful data, like breaking down the clinical effects of marijuana usage as well as the chemical compounds that make up the plant. Very quickly, however, Canada’s government tries to sound too cool for its own good. How you might ask? Well, they wrote down a bunch of slang terms for marijuana—and it’s pretty hilarious.

The list begins normal enough with terms like “bud,” “pot,” and “weed.” Then things get strange with labels like “dope,” “purp,” and “trees.” Quick: Raise your hand if you ever thought “purp” would be listed on an official government website.

But here, by far, are my favorite slang terms included. Remember, this is supposed to be a helpful aid for Canadian adults to stay informed about how the cannabis community discusses the drug:

  • “boom”
  • “trees”
  • “gangster”
  • “budder”
  • “errl”
  • “doobie”
  • “hatter”
  • “dank or dank krippy”

I’ve literally never even heard anyone say the phrase “dank krippy” in my entire life and I have to say…I love it. Of course, it’s a noble reason why Canada listed these slang terms, but hopefully they remember it’s also important to laugh at yourself. Because I can promise you one thing—we’re laughing, too.


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