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Cannabis Coffee Shop Conversions Already In The Works For Canada

Second Cup is the second largest coffee chain in Canada and it’s looking to convert a portion of its more than 130 shops in the province of Ontario into cannabis dispensaries by spring of next year. Because of considerations like proximity to schools and whether or not a municipality will allow pot shops is deciding the number, at this point, it looks to be around 50 locales.

They’re not slated to be the coffee shops of Amsterdam’s fame, as public consumption hasn’t been approved – yet – but they do represent a trend that could spread like wildfire. There’s nothing stopping any chain store from converting their brick and mortar locations into cannabis dispensaries, and that’s where the money is really going to be coming in.

With Ontario alone making up over 30 percent of the country’s population, it sounds like the country is getting a shot in the arm of cannabis cafes, ahem, dispensaries and it’s not likely the buck will stop there.

Second Cup strategically partnered with National Access Cannabis Corp. (NAC), which are a network of cannabis clinics in Canada. The idea is to convert the existing coffee shops into Meta Cannabis Supply Co. branded recreational marijuana dispensaries. It’s not clear if you’ll still be able to enjoy a cup o’ Joe while perusing your pot, but these new shops are geared up to be the latest “it” thing.

Canada has been a marijuana mecca for decades, despite actual legalization finally going to be in effect on October 17, 2018 making them the first G7 member to make the historic move. In Vancouver B.C. pot coffee shops were a norm and definitely a tourist attraction for years and years and in July 2001 Health Canada allowed access to medical cannabis. So whomever is building has a rich history on which to build upon.

The parade of elephants in the room include that, despite protests that they will “only” be dispensaries, these things in the works already sound an awful lot like the beginnings of the next marijuana tourism hot spots. Said elephant parade also includes companies likely already making plans to follow Second Cup’s suit and convert their own coffee shops and existing retail stores into pot destinations, as regulations allow.

There’s the word, “destination.” As stores continue to brand and expand themselves in preparation for the country’s own already growing green rush, it will be interesting to see how much of the county’s overarching conversations are going to be taken over by cannabis for the foreseeable future.


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