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Marijuana Trade War: How Badly Is Canada Kicking America’s Butt?

Canada’s progressive approach to cannabis legalization is leaving the United States in the dust when it comes to international trade. While the US federal government continues to fight against marijuana law reform, our neighbor to the north is establishing relationships around the globe.

As more and more nations legalize medical marijuana, Canadian cannabis farmers and manufacturers are shipping marijuana to Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand and others. At least seven producers in Canada have been granted licences to export cannabis.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Ranjeev Dhillon, a corporate lawyer focusing on the cannabis export business, told CBC.  “I think it means that we’ll be a global player. This could be our opportunity to be viewed the same as we are in mining or hockey. We’ll be world class and be world leaders and I think that will stay to be the case for a very, very long time.”

According to the Marijuana Business Daily, Canadian shipments of dried medical cannabis have soared since 2015.  More than 522 kilograms of dried cannabis was exported to four countries last year, more than 10 times the 44.8 kilograms shipped abroad in 2016.

Shipments of cannabis oil in 2017 topped 400 kilograms, nearly quadrupling the 2016 amount of 100 kilograms. “I believe we are going to see this trend – of cannabis oils demand and exports from Canada – significantly increase in the immediate future,” Deepak Anand, vice president of government relations for the consultancy Cannabis Compliance, told the Marijuana Business Daily.

Peru, Mexico and a few other nations have recently legalized medical cannabis. You can be sure that Canadian companies will be exporting to Central and South America. The world market is estimated to be valued at more than $200 billion.

Cannabis farmers and oil producers in the United States are effective shut out of the growing global market because of the federal prohibition on cannabis. While Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other top administration officials fight against marijuana reform, Canada continues to gain international market share.



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