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Check Out These Easy Marijuana Grow Kits

If dispensaries get cut from the “essential business” list, you had better believe there’s going to be supply shortages until the country returns to normal. Would you be willing to live for months without weed? 

There could come a time when humanity is forced to either become self-sufficient or suffer the consequences. For the millions of Americans on mandatory lockdown as a result of the coronavirus, a nasty bug that is rapidly infecting more of the global population with each passing day, this is all too real.

This crisis has forced America to a screeching halt, forcing businesses all across the United States to shut down “indefinitely” because they haven’t been deemed “essential” by government controls. Fortunately, cannabis dispensaries have caught a break during this dreadful time; most legal states are treating pot shops like pharmacies and allowing them to stay open. 

But that could all change at a moment’s notice. Health officials say the nation still hasn’t felt the entirety of this virus’ savage wrath. It is possible that more shutdowns will be necessary to get a grip on the situation. So, we could see a day when those “essential” businesses become few and far between.

And if marijuana dispensaries get cut from the list, you had better believe there’s going to be supply shortages until the country returns to normal. Even the black market is going to take a hit. So you must ask yourself: Would you be willing to live for months without weed? 

Any survivalist will tell you that the key to not being eaten alive is always being prepared for the worst before it happens. It’s the reason the nation has all of a sudden become overly fascinated with toilet paper. 

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Having plenty of weed on hand is a priority for some, the same as food and water. But growing it is also not the easiest skill to get into without enduring a considerable learning curve. Not everyone was born with a green thumb. In fact, expert cannabis growers have spent decades figuring out what it really takes to grow healthy, potent cannabis plants. Considering the dark days ahead, a person looking to create his own cannabis garden might not have that kind of time. 

But never fear. We have found some easy-to-use kits for wanna-be weed growers looking to dive right in. 

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to vouch for these products, only to provide the reader with some ideas about how they might approach their home marijuana cultivation needs in the months ahead.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Check Out These Easy Marijuana Grow Kits
Photo by © by Martin Deja/Getty Images

The Bud Grower Complete: This kit is perfect for the prospective grower who doesn’t know where to begin. It comes with everything you need to get an indoor grow room set up in your house or apartment. It includes a 24”x24”x60” grow tent, lighting, soil, multi-speed ventilation fans, etc. It scores high points for being easy to assemble, stability and overall value. And it’s definitely not a bad deal for roughly $580. It is worth mentioning that seeking out all of these items separately would be time consuming and you’d probably end up spending hundreds more in the end.

GrowAce Complete Indoor Tent System: This 2’x4’ tent (48” wide by 24” deep) package is also a nice option for growing a few plants in tight indoor spaces. It comes with a tent, odor filter, lighting, fan, soil mix, and a growing guide. This complete system has a wealth of positive customer reviews, and it is a good buy, too, at just under $800. Look at it as an investment in sanity.  

TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit: Another great complete tent system (comes with the tent, fans, and lighting) for growing 3-4 plants indoors for personal use. It has a user-friendly Full Spectrum design that will see plants through every phase of the grow cycle from germination to flower. It is also shipped in discreet packaging to keep all of your business hush-hush. It has excellent reviews, and for less than $300, it might be a good place to start when considering a home grow.

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Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box: This particular kit is what is known as a stealth system. It grows about four plants, and it does so without causing any spikes in utility bills, light leakage or problems with odor. We can see this kit being advantageous to the growing novice looking to set up shop in an apartment complex. It comes with lights, exhaust system, air pump, water pump, hydroponic supplies, nutrients, odor control, latches and locks. After it is set up, all the grower really has to do is change out the nutrients and water every couple of weeks, according to the website. It’s an easy-to-use system for the plug and play beginner. Now, a system like this, at more than $1,300, is a bit more costly than some of the others. But it’s a bargain considering that home cultivation can save cannabis consumers thousands of dollars in the long run.

Finding Seeds: Marijuana laws are different depending on where a person lives in the United States. In legal jurisdictions, tracking down seeds might be as easy as visiting a dispensary. There are also seed banks in Europe like Sensi Seeds that are worth exploring, as well as a few seed collectives in the United States. But federal law makes this aspect of growing a little difficult at times. Our advice is to do some research online and talk to others in the cannabis scene. 

Help is out there.


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