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‘Desus & Mero’ Discuss What To Do When A Pet Overdoses On Marijuana

A funny story about accidentally eating marijuana edibles or cannabis in any form usually involves a human. Just this week, a nine-year-old girl accidentally dosed her fellow classmates by bringing some marijuana-infused gummies to school.

But as Kid Mero says, “It’s not just kids you gotta worry about getting into your edibles, fam.”

Mero, of course, is one half of Viceland’s hilarious late-night show Desus & Mero. The duo often riff on the news and stories of the day, a mashup of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption and Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. While the pair did discuss the above story of elementary school kids eating edibles, they also went long on pets accidentally eating marijuana-infused treats.

“You can’t take them to the vet because legally if you bring your animal to the vet and they’ve ingested drugs, they have to report it,” Desus said. “So it’s a hard night where you’re stroking Mr. Fluffles like, ‘Yo, don’t go to sleep, my dude.’”

“Brody fell asleep for like two days and I was like, ‘Yo hope you wake up,’” Kid Mero added laughing.

The funniest part of the bit comes when a news segment about dogs ingesting edibles shows a dog that had done just that. Desus and Mero then riff on just what a “high” dog might be thinking or saying.

Here’s some highlights:

  • “Yo let me watch Planet Earth….and let me hear that new Migos. That shit slaps.”
  • “I got fur, but I’m naked…”
  • “Are these my hands or just front feet?”
  • Pantomiming a dog typing “Purina near me” into google.
  • “She takes me for walks, but then she picks up my doo-doo, so am I the owner?”
  • A high dog experiencing a panic attack at a dog park because it’s “too crowded”
  • “I’m about to go on Instagram Live, fuck it.”

All of it’s in jest, but these stories are good reminders to maybe stash your goods where those who shouldn’t can’t find them.

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