Monday, November 28, 2022

Florida Attorney Wants To Put Recreational Weed On The Ballot

Florida attorney and Democratic fundraiser John Morgan has his sights set on legalizing marijuana.

A proponent of the $15 minimum wage, Morgan wants to get both the “living wage” and recreational marijuana measures on the ballot in 2020. According to The Orlando Sentinel, Morgan is the same guy who was behind the successful referendum to approve medical marijuana in 2016,.

He tells the Sentinel that a referendum to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida “would pass overwhelmingly,” adding, “And I believe in light of President Trump’s position, America is ready and willing.”

He’s referring to Trump’s statement earlier this month that he supports bipartisan cannabis legislation — a bill opposed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Morgan says he thinks he’d be able to raise enough money to  get recreational marijuana on the ballot, telling the Sentinel, “The industry is huge, and I believe I would have no problem getting big money from big players.”

Via The Orlando Sentinel:

Morgan has been on the offensive against Gov. Rick Scott for not allowing smokable medical pot after Leon Circuit Judge Karen Gievers ruled last month the smoking ban violated the constitutional amendment passed in 2016.

The state appealed the ruling, with the state Department of Health saying it “goes against what the Legislature outlined when they wrote and approved Florida’s law.”

Morgan’s request that the appeal go directly to the Florida Supreme Court was rejected Tuesday, and it will be heard by an appeals court.

Morgen didn’t mince words when he told the Sentinel: “Our governor has said ‘FU’ to the people of Florida. The people of Florida could speak unequivocally and loudly. These bitter old men who are stopping it are just dead wrong.”



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