Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Forbes: Legal Cannabis Will Create One Million Jobs By 2025

According to a report by marijuana analytic group New Frontier, legalizing cannabis on the federal level would create 654,000 jobs in the immediate future and one million jobs by 2025. The move would also result in $105.6 billion in revenue between now and 2025. These are incredible numbers and as Forbes reported, “It’s clear that marijuana legalization can be a boon to local economies with robust regulatory regimes in place.”

The last several decades have been an uphill battle to first get medical marijuana in a few select states and now we’re here, with over half of the US legalized either medically  or recreationally. From California to Maine, the ambiance has been that of the Wild West, forging new territory and making pathways for future activists.

We still have that outlaw culture, and should never let its spirit slip away, but regulatory measures are going to be key in moving our now robust movement into the mainstream where it can thrive. From proper labeling to grow op oversight, we must continue to create a safe market that thrives on its smart, forward movement.

And progress didn’t just get us to where we are now, it’s sped up so that change is being made at a rapid clip. States are starting to legalize via legislation and some states, like New Jersey, are climbing their way up the cannabis ladder, much to the delight and surprise of their constituents.

But if you want to follow the money, take Pueblo, Colorado for instance. Taxed and regulated cannabis made more than $58 million for the local economy in 2016, according to the Denver Post. To put a cherry on top, in an in depth report, researchers found no correlation between cannabis and increased homelessness or increased youth usage. The poverty line has also remained steady, with no up or downtick.

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace feels validation from the report, stating, “More than two dozen Ph.D.s worked on this. It’s really the first of its kind, a really all-inclusive look at cannabis legalization in a community.” He went on to say, “The good news for the citizens of Colorado, is this has been a net positive for our community.”


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