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People With This Trait Are Considered More Attractive

Beauty is only skin deep, but being bilingual can reach all the way to your heart (or at the very least, your groin),

EliteSingles magazine and language learning app Babbel surveyed  more than 6,000 singles from 11 countries, asking them what trait they found most attractive. Hands down, speaking another language boosted a person’s attraction. A whopping 75 percent of those surveyed said they think it’s attractive when someone speaks more than one language.

Result skewed even higher in the US, where 78 percent said they’re more attracted to people who can speak another tongue.

In fact, according to EliteSingles:

The survey also revealed another surprising fact: not only is multi or bilingualism attractive, it’s actually seen as more swoon-worthy than classic attraction factors like having a six-pack/ an athletic build. In fact, nearly all of US respondents (93 percent) would rather date someone with great language skills than date someone with a gym-honed body.

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Forty-two percent said they find another language attractive because of their interest in other cultures, while 23 percent reported being attracted to “they mystery” of a foreign language. An additional 20 percent said speaking another language was a sign of intelligence.

So, what language is the most attractive? Americans rank French as the winner (53 percent), followed by Italian (32 percent), and Spanish (30 percent).

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“Being able to communicate is fundamental to human interaction,” explains Julie Hansen, CEO US of Babbel. ‘’It’s no surprise that in 2018, in the global society that we all live in, being able to speak other languages is such an important quality in a partner.”

Sophie Watson of EliteSingles, agreed, saying that ‘’connection and great communication are vital parts of a first date – especially if you want to land a second one,” and says the survey proves that “the body’s most attractive muscle is the mind!’’

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