Friday, August 19, 2022

Get In The Mood For Valentine’s Day With CBD

Among other attributes, CBD at the proper potency can impart some body-centered sensations that can help you relax with your partner.

Valentine’s Day contains not only a lot of sweetness, but as Carrie Solomon, CEO and Cofounder of Greater Goods observes, this day also comes a lot of expectations! CBD products can help couples get ready for this special date night, as well as enabling one to relax as the evening unfolds. 

In Solomon’s estimation, “CBD chocolate is a perfect remedy when you want to take the edge off of a holiday filled with butterflies, or simply to treat yourself if you opt to stay in and make yourself your own number one that evening.” Those who prefer to offer a toast this evening can add some water soluble CBD drops into a glass of champagne. These drops add a CBD to one’s drink without any oily residue and or impacting the flavor of the bubbly. 

Also, Solomon states the efficacy of CBD in getting one in the mood for this special day. “CBD at the proper potency can also impart some body-centered sensations that can help you relax with your honey as you sip on infused hot chocolate or nibble on sweet CBD treats together. No matter what, have fun with CBD to make every day a sweet day.” 

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As CBD does not contain THC, one can remain present and able to consent without getting high. However, as each person reacts differently to CBD, experiment before the special day so you can ascertain the correct dose of CBD that will keep you sexy and not sleepy. 

Photo by Becca Tapert via Unsplash

For those looking for a non-edible CBD option, Trista Okel, Founder & CEO, Empower BodyCare suggests using CBD topicals to get one in the right frame of mind so you can fully enjoy this day. ”Taking 30 minutes of self care time to center yourself and relax before a night out with your love is the perfect way to get in the mood. I suggest taking a hot bath in our CBD-infused soaking salts right before date night or incorporating a soak for two into your evening.”

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Consider adding in a CBD massage oil candle. These candles fill the room with a soothing sensual smell. Then, as the candle burns down, use the liquid oil for a sensual massage a deux. Should the evening veer into the sexual, CBD sensual lube can aid in an enhanced sensual encounter. Bear in mind that as these lubes contain oil, they should not be used with latex condoms. 

Be mindful that even though CBD is non-psychoactive, taking CBD will heighten the body’s natural response to sexual arousal thus further increasing hormones like serotonin and oxytocin. Therefore, be sure to have a conversation about consent and boundaries before adding CBD to your evening’s pleasure, as well as continuing to chat throughout the evening. 

For more pointers about how to combine CBD and sex, check out these findings from a cannabis and sex workshop hosted by Seattle-based Babeland.


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