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Guide To Blending Marijuana For A Personalized High

Who hasn’t had a little of this sativa and a little of that indica left over in their stash, and tried mixing them together to stretch one last bowl? The purists will say it’s madness, but playing alchemist and blending marijuana can be a lot of fun. Here is a guide to blending marijuana tropes for a  If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of these combinations, or make your own customized blend for the perfect day.  You might want a little experiment before you go for the Big Bang.

For When You’re Nervous About That Big Meeting

Grape Ape and Candy Jack
This carefree indica combined with a mood-enhancing sativa will mellow you out, while keeping you productive enough to prepare notes for your quarterly review/dissertation defense/job interview/whatever stressful moment tomorrow is throwing at you.

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For Hitting The Gym

Green Crack and Jet Fuel
A do-shit sativa like GC combined with a hybrid keep you alert enough to get your pump on, with a sprinkle of relaxation to keep you nimble and content throughout your workout.

For When Your Head Is Killing You

Girl Scout Cookies and Skywalker
This gentle sativa blended with a pain-killing indica will ease you into restfulness, and get that migraine moving asap.

For When You Can’t Get To Sleep

Northern Lights and Dark Star
Knock yourself out for the night with these indica types that will relax your muscles and quiet your mind.

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For Heading To That Big Rooftop Party

Kaboom and ACDC
An energetic-yet-mellow sativa combined with a hybrid that’s high-CBD can give some of the social high, with a dissolving of the anxiety that comes with meeting new friends.

For The Dinner Shindig You’ve Waited All Week For

Bubble Gum and Champagne Kush
A happy, slightly sweet hybrid mixed with a hybrid that encourages talkativity can ensure you’re getting the most out of your tastebuds, without being so focused on your food that you ignore your guests.


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