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This Guy Was Caught Having Sex With A Donkey And Blamed Marijuana

Everett Lee Compton claimed that marijuana made him do “sick things.” By sick things, he refers to the several times where he snuck into his neighbor’s house to have sex with their donkey.

For over three years Compton’s neighbors – Emert and Joyce Whitaker – had contacted the authorities several times, claiming that someone was sneaking into their home and harassing their animals. The couple took many precautions, placing surveillance cameras and warning signs that said “No Trespassing” and “Do Not Feed Animals” all over their house. The cameras found evidence of a break in on May 27th and June 4th, where Compton was captured covering the head of a donkey with a plastic bag and having sex with it.

During the first days of July, Compton did it again, this time feeding the animals before raping them. Because being polite is always important. On July 16th, the police department received a phone call from the Whitakers at 1:30 am, claiming that someone had snuck into their property. The authorities found Compton hiding behind some bushes where he vouched for his innocence, saying that he wasn’t doing anything wrong; he was just trying to feed the animals. When the cops showed him the footage of him having sex with the donkey, Compton acted surprised and said that he had smoked some weed before, implying that it was all the drug’s fault.

After getting away with doing all this shit for a really long time, Compton was finally charged with bestiality, trespassing, and animal cruelty.


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