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WATCH: Michael Bolton Sings Coffee Orders To Bewildered Customers

“Are you going to ask me to sing or something? What, like coffee orders to strangers? Like I work there or something? You will never get me to do that.” And that’s how this viral video of Michael Bolton singing coffee orders to strangers begins.

Vanity Fair set the whole thing up at L.A.’s Alfred Coffee & Kitchen. The mostly millennial crowd started whipping out their phones, likely wondering who this unknown barista with the velvet voice was. Actually, Bolton’s career is seeing somewhat of a resurgence, thanks to his naughty Netflix one-off, Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special.

Every woman (and one man named Jay) looks like they want to bang him right there on the counter. He’s still got it.


No word how much in tips he earned during his shift.


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