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DC Weed Activists Are Planning A Smoke-In For 4/20: What You Need Yo Know

You could spend your 4/20 — the holiest of days for cannabis enthusiasts — getting super high on your couch and baking the best munchies possible to celebrate.

Activists in Washington, D.C., however, would prefer to spend the day working to further their cause. On April 20, members of the group DCMJ plan to stage a “smoke-in” at the nation’s capitol.

Anyone over 21 years of age with valid congressional ID can get a locally-grown joint, including members of Congress, staffers, credentialed journalists and interns. It’s a small enough amount and done with proper screening that it’s legal to do so, DCMJ says.

But it doesn’t stop with that stunt. On April 24, things get more intense: They’re planning to openly smoke on federal lands, in order to invite arrest and challenge reform.

According to CNN:

The 4/20 giveaway is an attempt to “destigmatize” the plant, while the “smoke-in” four days later is supposed to be a direct request for federal reform. The activists said they want marijuana rescheduled in the eyes of the federal government so that federal penalties are less harsh.

DCMJ co-founder Adam Eidinger said he fully expects to be arrested that day.

Sit-in were used as a peaceful protest during the Civil Rights Movement. The non-violent action of standing one’s physical ground can be a simple yet effective way to send a message about a cause, which is what these activist hope to achieve.

On the presidential inauguration weekend, DCMJ also staged a smoking sesh and handed out joints as protest and to raise awareness. Some marijuana groups have distanced themselves from DCMJ’s extreme direct-action approaches, calling it counterproductive to condone illegal behavior.

[h/t CNN]

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