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This Is What Lyft Is Doing To Keep People From Driving High In Colorado

If it hasn’t been drummed into your head by now, here is a public service announcement: Don’t drive drunk. Don’t drive high. Don’t drive under the influence of any mind-altering substance. Got it? In an effort to reinforce the obvious, Lyft has partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation to help combat driving under the influence of marijuana.

Lyft, a rideshare service Lyft has partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation to help combat driving high for those under the influence of marijuana.competing with Uber across the country, made the unique announcement on Tuesday. According to the company:

Seven percent of DUIs in Colorado involve cannabis consumption. With this in mind, CDOT and Lyft want to encourage people to plan safe rides before consuming marijuana. To contribute to this, from March 20 to April 20, Lyft and CDOT will be offering discounted ride codes. At 3:20 PM every Sunday until 4/20/17, people can visit www.320movement.com to claim their discounted ride code.

Along with providing ride codes, we’ll be spreading awareness by wrapping 17 Lyft cars in the Denver area in green with the slogan “plan a ride before you’re high.” Passengers can look forward to free rides (up to $10) if they are picked up in one of these cars the week before 4/20.

A publicity stunt? Perhaps. But Lyft is serious about public safety.

“There’s an awareness among people who are going out and having a good time with alcohol, but we are now in the early stages of creating that same proactive safety-first attitude when it comes to cannabis consumption,” said Gabe Cohen, Lyft’s Denver general manager.

Cohen’s point was echoed by CDOT spokesman Sam Cole. “People think about getting a Lyft when they’re drunk, but they don’t necessarily think about getting a Lyft when they’re high. Impairment is impairment,” Cole said.

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