Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Marijuana Sales Top $2.2 Million In Massachusetts In First Week

According to numbers released by the Cannabis Control Commission, Massachusetts brought in over $2.2 million in their first official 5 days, selling nearly 57,000 items to eager consumers. During that time, customers on average bought 3.4 products and spent approximately $37 on each.

The infamous shopping day Black Friday was the biggest sales day for retailers. They made $479,748.58 collectively the day after Thanksgiving. And though the figures were released without accompanying comment, they speak volumes on their own.

The two stores that opened on November 20 were the first two to do so east of the Mississippi. And with the numbers so good with a mere two shops open, the possibilities seem to abound in the Bay State. These two dispensaries that pioneered last week were, respectively, Cultivate in Leicester and New England Treatment Access in Northampton, both of which are also medical marijuana dispensaries.

Traffic jams due to the high demand in Leicester quickly became social media memes and though some residents complained about the traffic at a town hall meeting, the results are ultimately positive. The revenue that is clearly coming in at a quick clip will bolster the economy, the tax revenue will be allocated and jobs are sure to crop up.

As other legalized state models across the U.S. have shown, the positive benefits of legalization and getting the show on the road are overwhelming great. The feared uptick in fatal car crashes hasn’t happened, crime rates are dropping and local economies are flourishing with the burgeoning Green Rush.

In Northampton, the 3 percent sales tax is being collected diligently, but we won’t know what those numbers are until, according to The Daily Hampshire Gazette, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue will release the information at the end of the next quarter. According documentation from the Department Of Revenue, the tax revenues are to be disbursed on December 31.

An additional two adult use dispensaries have received their final versions of their retail licenses, but have yet to be given the green light. It’s a slow rollout that’s making life a lot easier and more vibrant for cannabis users who want to know what it is they’re buying, what the dosages are and have a good selection of products to choose from on a legal scale.


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