Friday, August 19, 2022

One NJ Marijuana Producer Is Selling More Than Any Other: Find Out Why

A medical dispensary and marijuana producer located in south New Jersey is leading the state in the production and sale of cannabis products, most of which is attributed to its ability to carry extracts.

According to the latest statistics from the New Jersey Department of Health, Compassionate Sciences in Bellmawr, Camden County, was the leading cannabis producer in the state last month, manufacturing 885 pounds of pot products. This achievement is to be considered a huge success for the dispensary, especially considering that it just opened its doors to patients around the summer of 2016.

But it really comes as no surprise that this particular dispensary is giving the other four cannabis treatment centers a run for their money. Compassionate Sciences, which is the only operation is Jersey to provide patients with extracts, such as edible lozenges and lotions, also has the most patients – 2,762, according to the report. That’s roughly a quarter of the 10,800 patients currently participating in the medical marijuana program, reports

Last year, Steven Patierno, a member of the medical board of advisors for the parent company responsible for running Compassionate Sciences, predicted the dispensary was on the verge of revolutionizing medical marijuana in New Jersey.

“These products, which have been formulated to meet the state’s high standards of quality, represent a huge step forward for New Jersey’s medical marijuana program that will move it into a new phase of innovation that will benefit thousands of patients,” he said.

The cannabis products sold at Compassionate Sciences are so popular, patients all over the state travel to the Bellmawr location just to get their hands on them. Craig West, the dispensary’s operations manager told that cannabis extract are a key component in over all sales – making up around 20-to-30 percent of the purchases.

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Other dispensaries are hoping to get in on the extract game so that they can remain competitive in the marketplace. Reports show that two more organizations have submitted applications to sell extracts. But so far, neither company has been approved.

It could soon become more crucial than ever for New Jersey to allow more dispensaries flexibility in the types of cannabis products they sell. Earlier last week, the Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel heard testimony in support of adding “chronic pain” to the state’s list of qualified conditions. If this happens, tens of thousands more patients could have access to cannabis products by the end of the year.


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