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Post Press: What To Do With Marijuana Rosin Chips

Rosin presses have rapidly gained in popularity since their debut around three years ago. In that time, the press itself has evolved and the heat, pressure and time components that it takes to make this solventless goodness have been tweaked to perfection. Sort of. Even with all the new technology in place, not all THC is being extracted.

Unless you’re straight ballin’ and needn’t be bothered, the leftover weed, or rosin chips, don’t have to be a conundrum. There are a few good ways to get every last bit of THC extracted or at least into your system.

First, remember that you’re going to need a whole lotta leftover rosin chips to reap the benefits, so the flatiron pressed buds will have to collect over a long period of time or not be used at all. The main event is going to come with an actual press that is in fairly constant use.

One popular method is making a tincture out of high proof alcohol, which extracts the remaining THC and concentrates it into a digestible liquid held under the tongue for a minute or so. To make the tincture, first grind up the leftover product and decarboxylate it. You can do this by putting it in an over on low heat (225 F° ballpark) for 40 minutes. Put the decarboxylated crumbs in a jar and just cover with the liquor. Shake vigorously a few times a day for a month to three months and voila! Place the tincture into dark colored medicine droppers and enjoy!

Though it won’t taste like the souped up nuggets that once were, vaping your rosin chips is another viable option. Grind them up fine and them pack your vape. The irony is that often vape crumbs are reused to make edibles, so we have a whole lot of recycling going on! No vaporizer? You can always just smoke them, just expect to smoke a lot of not so yummy pot.

Speaking of edibles, they are yet another way to use up your rosin leftovers. You’ll want to decarboxylate ground up rosin chips again before making your cannabutter, coconut oil or other edible carrier oil. Again, the taste isn’t going to be the same as if you were using fresh buds, but with cooking you can get creative with flavors and that means even the leftovers can taste gourmet.

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