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Smuggling A Little Marijuana On An Airplane Is No Big Deal

Anyone who has ever visited a legal marijuana state has, at least, thought about whether it might be possible to sneak the remainder of their cannabis purchase through the heat of airport security in an effort to smuggle it back home. They may have heard from other stoned road dogs that the process of getting weed on an airplane is fairly easy to do, but they just lack the confidence to summon their inner George Jung.

Although flying with marijuana is technically against the laws of the federal government, TSA and police operating in a legal states, like Colorado or California, are not going to flog someone with a cat o’ nine tails for simply “forgetting” that they had a little pot on them. But it is important to understand a few basic rules. First, TSA is not hanging around airports trying to bust people for pot. Even the agency admits that they are not “actively” searching luggage in hopes discovering drugs. These folks are after explosives and weapons – anything that can be used to unleash terror in the skies.

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The next detail to remember is never attempt to bring much…and never try to stow it in checked luggage. Carry on only. It can be tempting to try to get as much weed as humanly possible aboard the plane, but this ideology only increases a person’s chances of getting caught. So, keeping the stash at around an eighth of an ounce of bud is a good idea. Small amounts of edibles should also move through security checkpoints undetected. We would, however, suggest avoid bringing THC-infused beverages or other cannabis liquids. These types of items are more likely to set off a red flag.

It is not necessary to use hardcore cartel tactics when trying to get through security with weed. And by this we mean there is absolutely no reason that anyone should have to stuff contraband up his or her bunghole. But it is not a bad idea to get a little creative. Stashing a few buds in a bottle of Ibuprofen or other over the counter medication works. If trying to smuggle edibles, especially gummies or chocolates, just switch out the wrappers before going to the airport – give them the appearance of regular store bought candy. TSA doesn’t have the time to shakedown folks with a sweet tooth.

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But its not a person’s smuggling technique that puts them at risk of getting caught – it’s how nervous they act while waiting to go through security. Again, TSA is there to catch potential threats. If a person is dripping with sweat and acting like a stuttering lunatic, chances are their luggage is going to get searched. Just stay calm. TSA’s policy is to refer all marijuana cases to local law enforcement. In a legal state, this means nothing is going to happen. The cops will just confiscate the weed and cut the passenger loose. But if smuggling weed in an area of prohibition, like Indiana, jail is a distinct possibility.


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