Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Someone Accidentally Donated 100 Grams Of Marijuana To A Children’s Thrift Store

It is also wise to check your pant pockets before carrying out various tasks. Before you load a laundry perhaps. Or maybe prior to jumping into the pool. There are numerous situations where you should know what it and isn’t in your pants pockets.

One of those includes donating clothing to a local thrift store as one Minnesota person—or possibly persons—recently learned. Maplewood Police posted on Facebook and Twitter about someone who donated clothing to a local thrift store.

In that clothing, they discovered more than 100 grams of marijuana, bunched up in baggies. According to MPD’s Twitter, it was donated to Once Upon A Child, a used clothing store that sells gently used children’s clothes.

MPD wrote jokingly on their Facebook about reuniting the weed with its owner:

If you accidentally donated 111 grams of marijuana along with your clothing earlier to a local store please come to the PD so we can reunite you! We know you spent a lot of time dividing them into these perfectly measured baggies & must be missing them.

So again, remember to check your pockets before leaving the house, exiting a movie theater, and donating clothing. Otherwise, you’re never sure what you could lose.

From total marijuana legalization in Canada, to North America becoming more chilled out about its own state laws, buying your favorite green flower has never been easier and growing your own is almost as simple. 


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