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Strong Weed Strains To Try

Whether you’re looking for new strains to increase your creativity and drive, or help you deal with insomnia and anxiety, here is some of the most potent pot you can buy.

No matter how many strains are created these days, we usually have at least one favorite indica or sativa strain. Sativa strains are known for their energizing and uplifting properties, while indicas are appreciated for their sedating and relaxing effects. But looking for strong weed strains to try, we got you.

For these reasons, sativas make excellent daytime strains while indicas are better used in the evenings or before sleep. Both strain categories can also have terrific medical uses and they aren’t only beneficial for recreational users.

In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the strongest sativa and indica strains that have recently become popular.

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If you are looking for new strains to increase your alertness, motivation, creativity, and drive, sativa strains are highly recommended. Below are some of the most powerful newer strains with high THC levels as well as aromatic and flavorful compounds.


Shogun is a potent strain with 25% THC and some CBD. This deliciously stimulating sativa will spark your cognitive powers, making this the perfect choice if you’re serious about getting down to work. Whether it’s artistic and creative work, or you simply need some motivation to go back to your desk job (bills won’t pay themselves!), Shogun might just give you the mental boost you need.

Shogun is a strain named after the ancient Japanese warriors. Choose Shogun if you need a little extra help working long hours, but despite that you can still experience zen-like feelings. The high THC content is good for combating low moods as well as pain, and smoking it will make you feel like you are walking through a dense forest full of pine and earth flavors.

El Patron

El Patron is the result of crossbreeding Shiva and Amnesia Mac Ganja. This sativa-dominant hybrid is great for taking the edge off without putting you to sleep, thanks to a little bit of indica genetics in there. One thing’s for sure: the effects of El Patron go straight to your head but it still produces a high that’s manageable enough for getting things done.

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It’s got THC levels of around 22%, and consumers love its deliciously therapeutic effects. This is a good strain for making edibles because of its kush and citrus flavors, both of which result in fantastic brownies or other sweet recipes.

Mother Gorilla

Mother Gorilla was created by the ingenious breeders over at Royal Queen Seeds. It’s basically an upgrade of Royal Madre’s genetics, by combining it with Gorilla Glue #4 for a much better effect. Mother Gorilla has THC levels of 25%, so you can be sure you won’t be needing to smoke a lot in order to appreciate its heady high.

This strain is an excellent choice for both medical and recreational use. Have a few tokes before going to a party, and you’ll find yourself chatting away. This will help you combat social anxiety. It has amazing chocolate and pine aromas, plus a taste of diesel in the background. It’s no wonder why Mother Gorilla bagged awards, such as the High Times World Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup.

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Indica strains are the preferred nighttime or evening strain choice for many. These can induce a strong sense of happiness and euphoria when smoked minimally, and in higher doses can lull you into a deep slumber for several hours long. Choose indica strains if you are battling insomnia or anxiety that prevents you from getting decent sleep.


Ice, which stands for Indica Crystal Extreme, is the result of combining the genetics of world-class indica strains that have been well-loved for many years: Skunk, Afghan, and Northern Lights. As a result, you get a deliciously strong strain that’s a potent sedative. Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis smoker, Ice is sure to give you a deep head and body buzz.

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It’s named aptly so because its flavors are a combination of mint and menthol as well as hints of berry, diesel, and pepper. This is a great choice for treating everyday stress, chronic pain, and lack of appetite. Be sure to only smoke this when you’re at home and have nothing to do – or better yet, when it’s an hour away from bed time.

Sherbet Queen

Sherbet is renowned for the couch-locking body high that it gives, but it also stimulates the brain when consumed in low doses. This is an 85% indica that shares genetics with the famous Girl Scout Cookies, so you can expect a tasty, deep antidote to anything in life that is stressing you out. The high THC content of Sherbet Queen will take the edge off and also help to treat any body aches and pain you may be having.

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It has sweet, candy-like fruit flavors but more importantly, its effects last a long time. Choose Sherbet Queen to treat migraines, anxiety, stress, and headaches for a flavorful evening medication.

Runtz Muffin

If you just want some serious relaxation and downtime, you can’t go wrong with Runtz Muffin. This strain is the result of Gelato and Zkittlez’ genetics, and it’s also a descendant of Cookies – overall, fantastic genetics no matter which way you look at it. Runtz Muffin offers a balanced high, and it’s a delicious smoke filled with fruity flavors most especially an intoxicating orange taste.

Runtz Muffin is great for inflammation and insomnia too. It will deliver you to another mental state where you are totally relaxed and carefree, without a thought in the world.

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