Friday, July 19, 2024

That Time Dave Chappelle Discovered His Son Smoked Marijuana

No comedian can consistently deliver high-level humor like Dave Chappelle. Watch this bit to see how.

You can debate the political importance of various comedians and critique the ethical quandaries of dirty jokester as long as you want. You can even argue about ranking Netflix’s best comedy special or which up-and-comer stand-up is most worthy of a brighter spotlight. No matter what you do, an immutable truth will remain—Dave Chappelle is the funniest comic alive.

No one breathes punchlines quite like Chappelle. Over the past three years, he’s released four Netflix specials that individually rival any other comedian’s best. But it’s the totality of this achievement — so much funny in such a brief interval — that qualifies Chappelle as the ultimate funny man. Who else can accrue this many jokes, anecdotes, political commentary, and dirty dick humor all together in such a short amount of time?

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Which is why we’re ecstatic Chappelle release another Netflix special next week, Aug. 26. (You can watch the trailer here.) To commemorate the occasion, we’re recalling one of Chappelle’s most incisively clever bits of his recent output. That would be the time he found out his son smoked weed, too.

Somehow, in the span of just a couple of minutes, Chappelle covers parenting dilemmas, weed paranoia, the burden of inheritance, the loss of innocence, the irony of parents chasing youth, and more. Think that sounds depressing? It isn’t. Instead, it’s probably the funniest YouTube video you’ll watch all week.


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