Friday, June 9, 2023

The 4/20 Hit List Of Products To Buy

If you are lucky enough to live in a state that is fully legal, you may want to consider these products when heading to the dispensary to buy your party products.


Canndescent just rolled out the latest product in their Stylus Series. Allow us to introduce to you the Stylus Ready-to-Use disposable vape pen in the brand’s five signature effects — Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. The pens are smaller and more compact, designed to be ultra-portable and easy to travel with. They also free you from the hassle of charging your device because they are designed to hold their charge for all 200 draws, equating to about 50 experiences. Stylus Ready-to-Use pens are perfect for tourists who do not want to invest in their own vape pen battery and separate oil cartridges. Retailing at $65, consumers can enjoy Canndescent’s ultra-premium oil for a little over $1 per psychoactive experience.

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We suggest you try the Cruise effect on 4/20. This hybrid strain allows you to keep up the pace, relax your mind, and sail through the holiday without missing a beat.




If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Seattle, then you already know about Mr. Moxey’s Mints. Tim Moxey hit a home run with this line of products. They are good enough to almost consider flying to Seattle just to be able to buy them. Thankfully, they have been able to expand beyond the state lines of Washington state.

Mr. Moxey’s Mints are natural, high-quality, cannabis-infused mints made with therapeutic herbs for wellbeing. Delectable and discreet, these microdosed mints have been the best-selling edible in Washington State for over a year, and enable you to choose just the right amount of cannabinoids to suit your system. The mints are crafted in small batches with pesticide-free cannabis to promote wellbeing in mind and body. Each pastille is formulated with herbal synergists tailored to elevate the cannabis experience. Perfect for the subtle 4/20 celebrators.




mood33 is a California-based cannabis beverage brand crafting natural and uplifting herbal tonics, currently with a line of three unique formulations including Joy, Passion and Calm. Each provides its own unique mood-based effect thanks to tailored cannabinoid ratios, natural tea and fruit ingredients, and signature terpene profiles inspired by the aromas and effects of the cannabis plant.

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You can mix and match a 4-pack and pop open a few bottles with friends at the park. Cheers!


Orchid Essentials is a California-based vape company that creates vape pens and oils with robust flavor profiles that feel as if you are enjoying a nightly glass of wine every time you take a puff. Orchid is unique in the cannabis market in that they do not use PEG, PPG, MCT, or coconut oil as a carrier for the cannabis oil. Instead, they use terpenes – fragrant, organic compounds found in the essential oils of all plants that give, for example, lavender and chamomile their relaxing aromas and citrus fruits their energizing punch. Vaping with terpenes is known to be healthier, and Orchid’s 10 strain options enable you to vary your vaping session to suit your mood or taste preferences.



California’s most-trusted cannabis brand believes in wellness options that work for your lifestyle: motivating the mind, steadying the body, and inspiring creativity. As well as creating pre-rolled joints and some of California’s most popular vapes, they offer two types of classic cannabis flower: Premium Quality eighths, and “Reef Leaf” in a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid blends. Perfect for 4/20 the Reef Leaf Stash Pack kit has all you need for the perfect doobie including a Reef Leaf pouch (5g of pre-ground flower), king size rolling papers, white-tipped matches, and a glass crutch. Sometimes you can get exactly what you want in one convenient box.



Looking for fast relaxation without the high on 4/20? Known as the “anti-edible” SUM(Superior Uptake Microdose) are small, discreet sublingual tablet absorbs directly into the bloodstream via the membrane underneath the tongue. SUM has four tablet varieties currently available at select dispensaries in Colorado; Calm, Relief, Focus, and Energy.


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