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5 Tips For Couples In A Long Distance Relationship

Technology has its fair share of issues, but one of the best things it does is bring people together. And while this facilitates all types of relationships, physical affection and connection is hard to recreate when you’re not spending any time together.

For a long distance relationship to thrive, there must be a lot of patience, maturity and emotional intimacy. Here are five tips that can help you get a better grip on your relationship, no matter how far apart you are.

Have the LDR conversation

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Before you declare that you’re in a relationship with someone despite the fact that you live hours away, be sure to have an honest conversation with them. It’s essential to talk about the expectations you both have. Is your relationship monogamous? Are you prepared to handle an open-relationship? Do your research and figure out what works best for both.

Schedule times to connect via Skype or phone call

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When involved in a long distance relationship, there’s the extra pressure of having to make time to Skype and talk to each other over the phone. These interactions can be easily forgotten with work, school and life if you’re not on top of things. The difficulty or ease of scheduling these encounters depends on you, but each person involved in the relationship must ensure that they’re feeling valued by the other.

Start communicating better

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Communication is always important but it becomes the basis of your relationship when you’re forced to spend long periods of time apart from each other. Get ready to talk about things that happen on your day to day life while also taking the time to discuss less fun stuff, like your feelings, jealousy and expectations that you may have. It’s also very important to discuss how to approach sex now that you’re apart, discussing the possibilities of sexting, sending each other photos, and more.

Create a secret photo album

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If your significant other starts sending you nudes, be sure to have a space where you can safely store these and protect them from everyone else. There are several apps that can protect your images like KeepSafe Photo Vault and LockMyPix. Get to know them and save yourself the embarrassment of having someone stumble upon an awkward photo by accident.

Take advantage of the moments you have together

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The best part about long distance relationships are those times when you get to see each other, when everything feels special and new. Take advantage of these moments and enjoy them since they’re one of the main perks of being involved in one of these relationships.



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