Friday, September 29, 2023

Women Working In Marijuana Come To Prime-Time TV

Surveying popular culture, you would almost assume women smoking cannabis is an anomaly. Whether it’s through music, TV, or movies, recurring images appears of the stoner bro or the dealer bro or the functioning cannabis enthusiast bro. If you’re a man who smokes marijuana, you can find a place in culture where you’re represented.

With women it’s a different story. Actually, it’s not even a story at all. Outside of few offerings with a show like Broad City, women consuming cannabis are severely lacking in the mainstream. This despite a recent survey women are the fastest-growing cannabis consumers in the country.

But a new series from Merry Jane aims to fix that. Produced by Snoop Dogg, Queens of the Stoned Age will accurately showcase women who proudly use cannabis. As producer Tara Ariano told Refinery29, the show will attempt to “feminize” cannabis culture, and not make it seem only a place for bros.

“Weed is a male-dominated culture, and it’s hard for women to find themselves represented in it,” Aquino told Refinery29. “So this show is meant to be a symbol and empower women to come out and show that, look, there are successful women who smoke and who have weed as part of their daily life and are killing it in their respective industries.”

Women are also leaders in integrating cannabis into wellness and health. Through medicated yoga classes and the 420 Games, the contemporary image of the cannabis user is rapidly shifting. Women are also responsible for breaking new ground in cannabis, as they are early adopters and promoters of tinctures, topicals, and other nontraditional methods of consuming cannabis. In fact, women have been making marijuana history for years now.

Queens of the Stoned Age will attempt to finally demonstrate all that. As one woman says in voiceover in the show’s trailer, “Let’s change the face of cannabis.”

Ariano confirmed the sentiment to Refinery29, “We wanted women to openly discuss their relationship to weed in a safe space, and from there, [talk about] their relationship to the world and to each other.”


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