Friday, June 5, 2020
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These Beyoncé Wax Figures Are A Mess And People Are Freaking Out

What is the appeal of wax figures? I’ve never understood. They pose in artificial gestures and rarely appear like the personage they’re pretending to be. The appeal, I guess, has to do with their celebrity. Suspending whatever famous person as a wax figure allows others to feel a sense of voyeuristic proximity they could never have otherwise. Staring lovingly into Rihanna’s eyes, on your knees acting like you would propose, would get you laughed at and smacked if done in real life. But wax Rihanna can’t laugh at you, even if everyone around you should be. Then there is Beyonce.

That prelude is all setup for a very strange-looking Beyoncé wax figure that went viral recently. This wax figure was at Madame Tussaud’s and is notable for looking nothing like Beyoncé. You would recognize the face as Beyoncé’s. In addition the skin tone of the wax figure appears a lighter skin tone than Beyoncé herself.

This may surprise you, but people were not having it on the internet.

Podcaster Shaun Lau also posted that other Madame Tussaud’s Beyoncé figures have the same outfit and same pose, but a different face. It is causing some to raise some funny suspicions.

Anyways, still not sure why we care about wax figures. They seem pretty trite and silly. They are disturbing in every way, shape, and form. Doubt me? Just look at that Beyoncé figure again.


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