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Play Kickball With Your Favorite Pros At Denver’s 420 Games

The lazy stoner is an outdated stereotype that holds little weight in today’s cannabis world. We’ve seen how cannabis enthusiasts can become successful entrepreneurs and fuel their creative endeavors and support their families. The swelling wellness trend that fuses cannabis and fitness is just another proof of how using marijuana doesn’t mean you’re glued to the couch.

One of the biggest examples is the 420 Games, which adds competition into the mix. The 420 Games is a place to showcase how cannabis enthusiasts support a healthy lifestyle. The games has an upcoming competition in Denver. It will include a 4.20-mile run, stand-up comedy, music, and kickball tournament hosted by Athletes for Care (A4C).

A4C is a non-profit organization that creates a community of athletes who come together to advocate for research, education, and compassion in addressing health issues facing athletes and the public at-large.

One ongoing discussion for athletes is using cannabis to reduce pain and inflammation in their bodies, instead of the opiates they are prescribed. That message is important for A4C and why they’re teaming with the 420 Games to deliver the First Annual Athletes for Care Kickball Tournament to Denver.

The A4C Kickball Tournament invites anyone to join the team of one of six former professional athletes. The price of admission and you could find yourself on the team of former NFL players or UFC athlete. The roster includes:

  • UFC legend Frank Shamrock
  • Former Denver Broncos’ Reuben Droughns, Charlie Adams, and Tatum Bell
  • Former Jacksonville Jaguar Eben Britton
  • Former Los Angeles Charger Marques Harris

Some of the players are known cannabis advocates and even participate in the business themselves, like Britton and his Be Tru Organics line of CBD products. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with them afterwards for a little extra and learn more about how cannabis and fitness is a trend more people are joining.



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