Saturday, November 26, 2022

Tucker Carlson: Dems Support Marijuana Because They Want Americans Dumber

Don’t stare at Tucker Carlson’s latest marijuana hot take too long, or it might blind you with its idiocy.

At this point, I wonder if Tucker Carlson is more focused on making news or making memes. The Fox News host has now made it his express mission to deliver the hottest takes imaginable when it comes to marijuana. So hot that, like the sun, to stare at them too long will cause you to go blind.

I urge you to read this swiftly and move on, so that doesn’t happen to you. I repeat: Do not let this take linger in your periphery, or you will suffer the consequences.

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Okay, here it goes. Following the recent Democratic presidential debates, Carlson pinpointed why many candidates now support marijuana legalization at the federal level. It has nothing to do with marijuana as a medicine, or reversing the damage done by the war on drugs. Nope! Carlson believes Dems want you high all the time, so you don’t realize how poor you are.

“When you’ve shafted young people so completely that they can’t even buy cars, because they’re so deeply in debt to colleges that fund your campaign, which is what happens, you want them to be as high as possible,” Carlson said. “That way they don’t even know how badly you screwed them.”

Carlson, by the way, took a similar stance when Congress passed the SAFE Banking Act earlier this year. Lawmakers didn’t pass the bill because they wanted to give small marijuana business and corporations the same advantages and loans other small businesses and corporations use to create profit in America. Nope. They approved the legislation because they “want you to be dumb” from smoking weed.

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Furthermore, Carlson blamed America’s recent mass shootings on marijuana legalization as well, trying to link smoking marijuana with mass acts of senseless violence. It makes you question if Carlson might be high himself when he says things like this.



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