Saturday, December 3, 2022

Video Of Woman With Cerebral Palsy Changes Texans’ Minds About Marijuana

Kara Zartler has severe autism and cerebral palsy. She lives in Richardson, Texas with her parents’ where some of her symptoms are extremely self-violent. In the video her parents made, we see Kara punching herself in the head repeatedly, being hugged by her father to hinder violent throes and the discomfort and fear on Kara’s face are obvious.

In another video, Kara is shown inhaling marijuana through a nebulizer during a fit. As the flailing calms and so does Kara, another miracle of medical marijuana is demonstrated, its impact clearing a path to potential medical legalization.

An intern to State Representative Eddie Lucio III was so moved by the video of Kara, that he immediately showed it to Lucio III. After watching the before and after videos the Representative was amazed and, “inspired to try and do something.”

House Bill 2017 to legalize medical cannabis was soon born, and though over half of the Texas House of Representatives supported the bill, it just wasn’t enough. Lucio III says that he will be pushing the legislation every session from now on until it passes.

He has an upward battle. Though there is bipartisan support, the Senate was even more skeptical than the house and the bill died before ever going to committee.

At this point, Texas law allows for patients with epilepsy to use CBD oil. However, in so many cases the full plant is needed for full benefit. Texas also can’t fool itself. Texans smoke marijuana despite stringent laws and families like the Zartlers won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Sadly, not all the news was good that came of the video. CPS knocked about two weeks after the video went live. Father Mark Zartler now is on record as an abuser, but the case is now closed and the family remains together.

With over half of the United States sporting at least medical cannabis bills, the efforts of Representative Lucio III are more than encouraging. One can only hope they find ears and hearts to hear. When a harmless plant is the best bet for preventing harm, it’s cruel to withhold and thankfully the nation continues to wake up and smell the healing more and more each day.



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