Thursday, December 1, 2022

Watch Aubrey Plaza Smoke Marijuana With The Weed Nuns

Aubrey Plaza wants to be a weed nun. So she declares in a recent video which sees her toking up with the Sisters of the Valley, better known as the “Weed Nuns,” in promotion of her upcoming film The Little Hours.

The video is part of Cut’s “Strange Buds” series, which pairs unlikely smoking partners from opposite worlds. Their conversation vacillates between equal parts satirical, spiritual, and stoner. Sister Kate started her spiritual journey in 2011, back when Michelle Obama was urging Congress to prioritize health and wellness in school lunches.

“Michelle Obama tried to talk to Congress about how unhealthy our children’s meals are,” she said. “Congress declared pizza a vegetable because it made our children’s meals look healthier than they are. So I declared myself a nun. I said, ‘If pizza is a vegetable, I’m a nun.'”

The sisters, who prepare all their products during moon cycles, sell marijuana-based products and “create honorable, spiritual jobs for women.”

As their website reads: “The Sisters sustain their farm operations and their compassionate activism by making products for the people in a spiritual environment. They respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth and work hard to bridge the gap between her and her suffering people.”

But the fun comes from Plaza, who maintains her patented non-emotional stare throughout. She also shares a funny tale of hiding weed in her saxophone, though she’s pretty sure her mom caught her. They also debate the virtues of holistic medicine and whether or not Jesus smoked weed (“If Jesus lived, he probably smoked weed,” says Sister Kate).

Near the end of the conversation, learning the sisters’ marijuana ways, Aubrey Plaza admits, “I wanna be a weed nun.” Us, too, Aubrey. Us too.



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