Tuesday, October 4, 2022

What Not To Do While High And In Quarantine This 4/20

Bad highs suck, and are made even worse during lockdown. Here are some activities you should avoid this 420.

This 4/20 marks the first time the iconic stoner holiday is spent in quarantine. Sure, there are those who usually spend 4/20 getting high at home, but sometimes, you just want to be surrounded by friends. Sharing is caring, and all that.

Regardless of your plans this year, we suggest stocking up ahead of time and devising some sort of plan so you can have a great time indoors.

What you do with this day is up to you, but here are a few suggestions of what not to do while getting high in quarantine:

Going to the grocery store  

This year’s 4/20 falls on a Monday. If this is the day when you usually stock up on groceries and necessities, don’t get high before you go out. Apart from the fact that visiting a grocery store while high during a pandemic sounds incredibly stressful, the weed might make you act fuzzy and distracted, which is annoying and dangerous when following social distancing guidelines.

Zoom meetings

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If you haven’t heard, Zoom meetings are very trendy right now. Despite this, getting high and going on a video call is not the best idea, especially when it involves coworkers or your parents. Be sure to organize your 4/20 celebrations with this in mind, keeping your smoking session to the latter part of the day or postponing it until the weekend.

Bake (no, the other kind) 

Baking has been hyper popular during quarantine. It’s why yeast and flour are hard to find in most grocery stores. Not only does baking require hard-to-find ingredients, it demands focus and skill. What makes it so great for self-isolation is also what makes it so bad for being stoned. You don’t want to waste your ingredients on baking something that’ll most likely end up inedible if you prepped it while high and woozy. A better plan is to bake ahead of time, that way you have snacks at the ready.

Online shopping

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Despite the ethical dilemma of ordering online whilst in a pandemic, we’re shopping now more than ever. While it’s okay to support small businesses and to order necessities during a time of crisis, it’s also important to think things through before shopping, especially when impulse buying something you don’t really need.  Adding weed to the mix might cause a mental break down when you check your bank account the next morning.

Watching intense movies

This suggestion depends a lot on who you are as a person. If you’re someone who enjoys being high and watching disturbing stuff, go for it, live your life. If you’re someone who’s susceptible to what they view, that scary movie you’ve been meaning to watch can wait until after your high has passed. Believe us: Parasite is much better viewed sober.



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