Tuesday, May 17, 2022


V-Day: 6 Marijuana Gift Ideas For Getting High With Your Honey

Whether you believe it's an over-hyped commercialized holiday or not, V-Day is a chance to get extra-thoughtful with your romance game.

TFT Vape Review: The New Ebbu Genesis For Anxiety

Sometimes you need something reliable to get you through the day when you have anxiety. This vape pen can help those in need with the perfect hit.

Move Over Craft Beer, Craft Marijuana Delivery Comes To Oregon

Oregrown Industries, Oregon’s premier farm-to-table cannabis company, will offer home delivery of craft marijuana products.

This Video Of A Possibly High Guy Yelling At The Moon Is Amazing

“Man, the sun is coming up,” before panning up to the still dark sky and accurately noting, “Fucking cheeky moon is still hanging around.”

MedMen Buys New York Medical Marijuana Company

MedMen, a Los Angeles-based cannabis management and investment firm, announced that it has acquired Bloomfield Industries, Inc., one of only five Registered Organizations licensed to operate a medical marijuana business in the State of New York.The acquisition provides MedMen...

The Surprising Group Pushing For Marijuana Legalization

The majority of this group believe that marijuana should no longer be a criminal offense and are pushing for marijuana legalization.

Bill Naming PTSD As Qualifier For Medical Marijuana Passes In Colorado

A bill that would make PTSD a qualifier for medical marijuana in Colorado is flying through the Senate. It looks like it might really happen this time.

Need Help? Researchers Seeking Vets For PTSD-Marijuana Study

Researchers are looking for veterans living in the Phoenix area to participate in an FDA-approved marijuana study aims at helping PTSD.

Wrestling Alliance Advocates For Medical Marijuana

The President of the National Wrestling Alliance leaders are publicly advocating the use of medical marijuana for players.

Why Are Marijuana Sales Soaring For Super Bowl Weekend?

Budweiser and the Super Bowl have been a solid partnership for years and the beer behemoth has created some of the most iconic commercials in the telecast's history (think Clydesdales, talking frogs, etc.) But another kind of bud is...

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