Thursday, May 19, 2022


Why Are Marijuana Sales Soaring For Super Bowl Weekend?

Budweiser and the Super Bowl have been a solid partnership for years and the beer behemoth has created some of the most iconic commercials in the telecast's history (think Clydesdales, talking frogs, etc.) But another kind of bud is...

Here’s A Marijuana Ad You Won’t See This Super Bowl Sunday

If you tune into the Super Bowl on Sunday, you're sure to see commercials hawking stuff. What you won't see? Ads for marijuana.

4 Largest U.S. Banks Now Hosting Accounts For Marijuana Businesses

A study commissioned by industry journal 'American Banker' reveals that the four largest banks have opened accounts for marijuana shops and businesses.

Advocates Use Super Bowl To Push Medical Marijuana For NFL

Medical marijuana advocates are taking full advantage of the upcoming Super Bowl LI in hopes of persuading the (NFL) about medical marijuana.

Craft Brewer Hopes Hops and Hemp Will Head To High Sales

Sipp Industries and Colorado Craft will release of a hemp-infused beer throughout the Denver area. How will this go you wonder?

First-Of-Its-Kind Marijuana Vaporizer Uses The Power Of The Sun

Smoking outdoors gets some serious star power with the Sun Token vaporizer, a novel take on the vape that harnesses the power of the sun.

The Cannabis Industry Is Using Too Much Energy And It’s A Problem

Indoor growing operations are energy intensive, and responsible for an alarming percentage of the nation’s energy use. What will the marijuana industry do?

What You Need to Know About Obtaining Legal Marijuana In Maine

While marijuana is now completely legal throughout the state of Maine, it is going to be another year before you can purchase legal weed.

Super Bowl Staple With A Kick: Chili Cheese Cannabis Dip

Even if you’re not one for televised sports, Super Bowl is still a time for friendship, food, and drinking beer while smoking joints.

NBA’s Stephen Jackson Played On Marijuana, Coach Nelson Was Fully Aware

Former NBA star Stephen Jackson, who played 14 seasons with teams like the Indiana Pacers and Golden State Warriors, just to name a few, recently revealed that he was stoned during a lot of the games.

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