Monday, August 2, 2021


Hey Seattle: Here’s How Starbucks Can Help You Give Back On Giving Tuesday

After all the indulgence of Thanksgiving, Starbucks is embracing Giving Tuesday by announcing its first regional fundraising initiative today, joining with Seattle’s King County business leaders in an unprecedented effort to raise more than $3 million to ensure “No Child Sleeps Outside.”

Wes Anderson Shot A Very Wes Anderson Christmas Ad For H&M

A surprising reaction occurs whenever you watch a Wes Anderson production. Almost without your trying, you think, “Oh look. Wes Anderson doing Wes Anderson things.” Wild how that works.

What I Eat: Behind The Scenes With ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Star

“I love to eat,” says Karolyn “Zuzu” Grimes, the actress who played the iconic cherubic young daughter of George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) in the timeless holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. “I like Christmas cookies and I...

5 Perfect Gifts For That Crazy-Adventurous Friend

We all have that friend who loves living on the edge and whose health and safety is a constant concern. Since we’re approaching holiday season, we’d thought it’d be great to supply you with a list of gifts for...

How To Spend Black Friday If Shopping Sounds Crazy

If you're among the lucky ones who doesn't have a retail or service industry job demanding you run crowd control on a nightmare shopping day, you probably have Black Friday off. That's pure bliss — unless all of your friends...

Fresh Playlist: Black Friday 2016 Inspiration and Vibes

Virtually every Black Friday shopping experience involves long waits, petulant conversations, and general fatigue. It is not an easy day to shop. But you ain’t getting that TV deal any other time, so embrace the capitalistic onslaught of terror...

Take A Ride Aboard “The 7-11 Of The Great Lakes”

You can’t get a shriveled-up Big Bite hot dog on the S.S. J.W. Westcott. But the boat's reputation for 24/7 service involving just about anything you might want on the Detroit River earned it the prestigious nickname: The 7-11 Of The Great Lakes.

Black Friday: 9 Shopping Quotes From Celebrities To Help You Through

You can choose whatever metaphor for shopping you want on Black Friday, really. It’s like a zoo. It’s the frontlines of a war zone. It’s representative of our empty material obsessions over family time, but like, when else you getting that deal on a new TV?

Visualize the News: Celebs’ Support For Kanye, Kid Cudi Gives Hugs

Kanye cut two concerts short, canceled the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour, and called out Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Lighten Up: Break Free Of Negative Energy In 2017

Have you ever felt encumbered by negative energy, depressed or blocked? Do you have behavior patterns you can’t seem to stop.

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