Watch A Teacher’s Emotional Reaction After His Students Gave Him Sneakers For Christmas

So beloved, in fact, that all of the students in one of his classes chipped into buy him a pair of red Vans sneakers, the same shoes Kerby had complimented a student for wearing earlier in the school year.

NSFW: Sexy Women Holding Sexier Carp Calendar Will Save 2017

In another edition of “How Is This A Thing?” we now introduce you to this German Carponizer calendar. It features the world’s favorite calendar for monthly image choice: naked, sexy carp.

@CelebsonSandwiches Will Be Your New Favorite Instagram Account

Pop culture loves its sandwiches. The sandwich, as an entity, is an American touchstone on...

That Time A Canadian Drove A Zamboni Through Tim Horton’s Drive-Thru

Guaranteed this will be the most Canadian sentence featured on this website: An Albertan man drove to Tim Horton’s on a Zamboni.

It Snowed In The Sahara This Week And You Need To See The Photos

Who’s ready for some sand dune snow sledding? Snow fell on the Sahara desert this week for the first time in nearly 40 years.

Watch The Rock Reboot ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’

'Twas The Night Before Christmas' is a classic, delicate holiday tale that helps explains to children just how or why all those presents showed up underneath the tree overnight.

WATCH: British Pub Launches Meat Pie 100,000 Feet Into Space

Have you ever wondered if sending a pie into space would make it easier to eat? A group of space enthusiasts in England sure did and launched a meat and potato pie into space to find out. In honor of the World Pie Eating Championships, the group attached the pie to a helium-filled weather balloon and sent it 100 thousand feet into space from a pub in Wigan, England.

Beloved Library Cat Outlasts City Councilman Who Wanted To Fire Him

Six years ago, the White Settlement Public Library in Texas adopted a cat from a...

Watch: Metallica Surprises Grocery Shoppers With ‘Enter Sandman’ Performance

Metallica was spotted singing along to “Enter Sandman” with the deli guy at a Los Angeles grocery store.

Watch: Tiny Kitten Won’t Leave His Big Dog Friend Alone

This tiny little kitten absolutely refused to stop playing with the ear and face of his giant dog friend as the two lie next to each other on a bed.