Man Crushed To Death While Attempting A Selfie With Elephant

Ashok Bharti had been trying to take the perfect selfie with an elephant in India when the animal turned on him and killed him.

Woman Finds Frog In Packaged Salad, Keeps It As Pet

So, this is gross. A woman in Corona, California found a live frog in a salad mix she had just bought from her local Target.

Watch A Texas Man Catch Fish Barehanded In Living Room

Hurricane Harvey ravaged the city of Houston with floodwater and rain. It wasn't just Houstonians who were feeling the storm’s effects either.

Continued Flooding In Texas Could Let 350 Gators Loose

Hurricane Harvey has flooded Gator Country, a rescue facility and amusement park located in Beaumont, Texas that houses more than 350 alligators.

10 Celebrities And The Foods They Refuse To Eat

Some people hate the texture of mushrooms, while others can't stand the sight of peas Here are 10 famous people and the foods they want no part of.

Doh: Illegal FedEx Weed Delivery Happens During Marijuana Drug Bust

He was charged for possessing around 76 pounds of marijuana and $19,000 worth of drug proceeds. Then FedEx showed up and things got really hairy.

Kittens Inherit $300,000 Fortune From Late Bronx Widow

One well-off Bronx author decided to ensure her cats would be taken care of long after she’s gone.

People Are Being Treated For Putting Sunscreen On Their Eyeballs During The Eclipse

Ophthalmologists from California were surprised to discover that several patients had one thing common; using sunscreen to protect their eyes from the sun.

Zoo Worker Ends Up Dead After Attempting Sex With An Alligator

Jimmy Olsen, one of the zoo keepers of the Naples Zoo was found dead in the alligator enclosure on the morning of August 21st.

Meet The Man Who Rode Out Hurricane Harvey In Pickup Truck

You can’t plan and predict for a hurricane. Oh, people try. Those folks in suits on the television screen tell you what will happen.