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Couple In Florida Uses Pet Alligator To Reveal The Gender Of Their Baby

In trying to find the most Floridian way to reveal the gender of a baby, Stacy and Chad Wright got their pet alligator involved.

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The video, courtesy of Tampa station Fox 13, shows Chad, the proud dad who is also barefoot, dangling a black balloon in front of Amos, the family’s pet alligator. The balloon is dangled until Amos is finally able to get a firm grasp on it and puncture it, revealing that the baby is a girl. To make everything even more depressing, after the balloon shows the pink dust, the father is seen skulking away in disappointment. Stacy does a little dance and yells “I told you” as he walks off.

This isn’t the first time that alligators have been involved in gender reveal parties, although this method remains the most shocking among “Game of Thrones” themed eggs and blue or pink colored lasagna.

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Chad Wright is a Florida Wildlife Control nuisance wildlife trapper, explaining how he’s equipped to handle a large alligator as a pet. With the addition of the baby, the family is made up of 10 children, two parents and one alligator. Maybe there’s also a dog involved. Where do they all sleep?

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