Saturday, July 20, 2024

Karen Flips Out On Legal Cannabis Consumers

Seems they are everywhere…now a Karen flips out on legal cannabis consumers. The path to ignorance is paved with misguided intentions. This Karen thought she was doing a good deed.  According to the local police blotter posted by The Union, Nevada County’s local newspaper, this unnamed person smelled some pungent reefer wafting down the street and decided to call 911 about it.

Yes, someone called the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office on weed smokers in California, where marijuana has been recreationally legal since 2018. Curiously, it’s also legal for adult use in the two closest states to Nevada county: Oregon and Nevada state. And so police politely informed the Cali caller of this fact, which they weren’t happy about at all.

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“A caller near Banner Mountain Trail and Gracie Road reported three people smoking marijuana,” reads the police blotter. “The caller became irate when they learned marijuana was legalized in California.”

Somehow this wasn’t even the most ridiculous call police received in the area that night! That award goes to this caller “on Gracie Road, near Dorcelline Court, [who] reported that someone yelled at the caller because a friend told a loose dog to go home.”

Just a friendly reminder that police deal with some real goofy shit. Next time before calling the police, I don’t call, Google if weed’s legal where you are first? Would save everyone involved a lot of trouble.

Karen is a pejorative term used as slang typically for a middle-class white woman who is perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. The term is often portrayed in memes depicting middle-class white women who “use their white and class privilege to demand their own way”. Depictions include demanding to “speak to the manager”, being racist, or wearing a particular bob cut hairstyle. 



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