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4 Cool Products To Try Now That Weed Is Legal In...

Now that the everyday person visiting California can buy its legendary array of cannabis products, all bets are off.

I Tried Hygia Water-Soluble CBD And This Is What Happened

Now that CBD is mostly recognized as legal in over half of US states, it’s available in many places, but it can be hard to determine what is a quality product with cannabidiol, and what is simply inert hemp oil.

4 Marijuana Products That Will Light Up 2018

Cannabis is newly legal in California, a state that is now the biggest cannabis marketplace in the world. To celebrate we thought we would introduce you to some products that we love.

5 Game-Changing Rolling Papers That Will Give Joints New Life

While you may need some skill, and some quality marijuana for the perfect smoking session, it's easy to forget just how important the quality rolling paper is.

5 Most-Extra Clutches You’ll Want To Buy Immediately

The word 'extra' is generally used to describe something that's too much, that makes you want to look away, but it's also a word...

Marijuana Product Review: The Hmbltd Dose Pen Is Perfect

The Hmbldt Dose Pen is easily the coolest weed product I’d tried since the very first G Pen, which was quite some time ago.

The KandyPens Rubi Is Discreet And Packs A Punch

For those looking for an affordable, discreet and simple option, the KandyPens Rubi is a great option. Here's our review.

Meowijuana Launches Catnip Product Line For ‘Cats Who Need the Weed’

Meowijuana, a catnip company, has launched a new product line that is creatively branded and plays on the euphoric “high” some cats have from...

5 Tech Gifts Under $30 That Are Perfect For The Holiday...

Here are 5 great tech gifts that are perfect for people of every age and that are also under 30 dollars, because cheap things are always the best.

7 Amazing Products You Need For A Fresh & Healthy Vagina

There are all kinds of healthy vagina products out there that serve multiple purposes and making you look and feel good. Here are our favorites.