WATCH: Meghan Markle Was Game Show Eye Candy Before She Met Harry

Before she became famous for being engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was one of those smoking hot suitcase models on Deal or No Deal.

Bill Nye Will Explore The Science Behind Marijuana On Netflix Show

In the new season Netflix's 'Bill Nye Saves The World,' he will dedicate an the first episode explore the pros and cons of marijuana.

What Increased Support For The Marijuana Justice Act Means For You

Earlier this week, Sen. Ron Wyden became the first US Senate co-sponsor of Sen. Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act (“MJA”).

This Essential Gift Wrapping Hack Will Save Christmas

Takashima is a Japanese company that's internet famous because of their amazing and extremely watchable videos where a lady wraps several gifts in seconds.

The 4 Best “Chrismukkah” Products You Can Find Online

The O.C. was soapy, had every possible teen cliché, and started that awful meme of ‘Mmm whatcha say’, but it also had its moments of brilliance.

CBD Has No Health Risks Claims World Health Organization

The World Health Organization also announced that cannabidiol (CBD) holds promise as a potential treatment for various ailments, including psychosis.

Cardi B’s Daily Style Tips Are The Gift That Keep Giving

Cardi B is undeniable. Part of it’s the unapologetic authenticity, part of it’s the petty jokes, but whatever you think of her, you can’t ignore Cardi B.

Watch The New Concept Trailer For The Original ‘Star Wars’

More than perhaps any other franchise, the ranks of Star Wars fans is filled with obsessive nerds. This is not really a bad thing.

Study: Kids Complete Boring Chores Better When Dressed As Batman

Both kids and adults like to believe in superheroes because mythic figures like Batman provide hope when life is at it's bleakest.

This Vibrator Bangs Out Merry Christmas Carols For Your Enjoyment

Crescendo can be curved and molded into any shape you want and will vibrate to the rhythm of "Jingle Bells," because it's Christmas and why the hell not.