Sunday, November 29, 2020


Do You Live In One? Here Are The 5 Healthiest Towns In The USA

In these special towns, getting healthy doesn’t mean emptying your wallet for overpriced trainers. Here are the 5 healthiest towns in the USA.

Fitness Alert! Pickle Juice = Perfect Summer Bod

Growing up, my father was a competitive body builder and to this day he pushes me to drink pickle juice. Why might you ask?

Is It Better To Run Outside Or Hit The Treadmill At The Gym?

The debate on whether to run outside versus on a treadmill is as old as, well, treadmills. One involves fresh air and sunshine, bees and avoiding dog poop.

Wearable Fitness Technology Might Not Help You Lose Weight

Your wearable fitness technology might not be as great as you think. Reports say that people who who wore tech over the two-year trial lost less weight.

Juice Is Delicious But Think Twice Before You Build Your Diet Around It

If you’re thinking about trying a juice-based or juice-supplemented diet, you might want to think again: The sugar content can be off the charts.

Throw Hands: Boxing To Get Fit Has Never Been So Fun

Throwing Hands! Boxing is the key workout to obtaining that beach body and we have the blow-by-blow as to how to make that happen.

Why? Scientists Want To Put Bugs In Your Body Lotion

There are “good” bugs, or bacteria, that contribute to healthy microbiome. Good bacteria helps you fight off stuff and going to go in your body lotion.

Get Fit: 5 Super Easy Workouts For The Very Lazy

Learn how to get moderately fit with a minimum of effort. Here are five easy workouts that even the laziest among us can do each day.

5 Easy Steps To Get Your Body Ready For The Hottest Spring Ever

How can you shed weight in an easy yet efficient manner? Let us help you. Below, check out five ways to get in shape for spring.

Why This Year’s Hottest Fitness Accessory Is A Friend

You might have a quicker workout when you’re going it alone, but you could accomplish more with this fitness accessory. Drag that friend to the gym!

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Top 10 Benefits Of Vaping Over Smoking

In almost every country, people are vaping rather than smoking. However, some still do not believe in its benefits.