Sunday, July 14, 2024


4 Ways Marijuana Can Help In A Messy Break Up

Medical marijuana is about to have a big positive change with rescheduling. And it could benefit millions.

What To Do If Smoking Marijuana Irritates Your Throat

The blunt is the classic way to consume weed, but what to do if smoking marijuana irritates your throat?

The Best Tips To Help Your Knees Look Better

The sun is out and shorts season has arrived! Here are the best tips to help your knees look better.

Science Confirms It Is Important And Marijuana Helps It

Science confirms it is important and marijuana helps it - laughter truly is the best medicine!

How To Add Daily Self-Care

Doing something to make you happy and clear headed makes life is how to add daily self care.

Eye Opening Data About Cancer And Cannabis

The world famous Fred Hutchison Cancer Center just shared some eye opening data about cancer and cannabis.

Naps Done Right Can Make a Huge Difference

Want to feel better, being more productive and more?  Naps one right can make a huge difference!

Cannabis Can Help Painful Menstrual Cramps

While more research needs to be done, cannabis can help painful menstrual cramps - which is good news!

Signs Your Kid May Be Using Marijuana

Though some information on how to determine whether a teenager is smoking dope is legit, a lot of it is much too "after school special."

How To Figure Out If You Are Boring

Everyone enjoys friends, but for some it is hard.  Here is how to figure out if you are boring.

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