Wednesday, April 17, 2024

10 Foodie Celebrities You Should Follow On Instagram

A lot of celebs fill their Instagram accounts with selfies and red carpet shots, but there are some flip-side foodie celebrities who love taking photos of food more than themselves. Here are 10 Instagram accounts belonging to famous people that will make you more hungry than envious.

Chrissy Teigen

The Cravings cookbook author loves simple foods that she can whip up for herself and her family. And the swimsuit model has no shame in devouring junk food. She’s got pics of Shake Shack burgers and Atlanta BBQ, but her cooking skills steal the show.

Aziz Ansari

Season two of Master of None focuses on food in Italy and NYC. In fact, the season opens with Anzari’s character, Dev, making pasta in Modena, and proceeds to follow him as he sips espresso, and enjoys a birthday lunch at an exclusive restaurant before heading home to NYC where he hosts not just a cupcake baking competition, but a food and travel show on TV.

Gwyneth Paltrow

An author of several healthy cookbooks, Paltrow doesn’t shy away from showing the world how skilled she is in the kitchen. But unlike her reputation, her photos aren’t nearly as pretentious. They genuinely seem to reflect her life as a mom, like the time she grabbed lunch at Legoland.

Jessica Seinfeld

The only thing Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld loves more than eating is cooking for her family. Making a name for herself as a guru of family meals, she’s currently plugging her latest cookbook, Food Swings, but you can find tons more recipes on her website, which is a virtual (and searchable) recipe box.


The Roots drummer loves food so much, he wrote a book about it: Something to Food About.

Jessica Biel

As the owner of Au Fudge, a glitzy kid-friendly restaurant in L.A., Biel likes to imbibe in a little Research & Development now and then, and often takes photos of the process.

Jon Favreau

He isn’t actually a Chef, but he played one in the movie of the same name (which he also wrote, produced and directed). He told Jimmy Kimmel the movie was the reason he learned how to cook.

Ali Larter

Like a lot of actors who love to cook, Larter has her own food blog and a cookbook: Kitchen Revelry. She’s been a guest judge on Top Chef Masters and Food Network Star. Needless to say, her Instagram is filled with the food she eats while dining out, as well as the food she makes herself.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The Modern Family star has a passion for cooking and entertaining. How much of a foodie is he? He got to host the James Beard Awards (the “foodie Oscars”) this year. Oh, and he also has…wait for it…a food blog!

Sammy Hagar

The former Van Halen frontman turned rum entrepreneur lives an envious drinking lifestyle, but sometimes, he eats food too!

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