Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Celebrity Dogs And Cat Rappers? We Found The Strangest, Most Surreal Party At SXSW

Immediately after descending the stairs into the Pet Rescue Lounge, we’re greeted by various-sized, panting happy dogs. Because this is the only SXSW event where the party is for the dogs as much as it was for the people. We’re not kidding.

In attendance was Manny the Frenchie, an Instagram famous dog with more than 1 million followers. He is, admittedly, a pretty cute dog. Fans of his — which, yes, welcome to the internet where the cute and the surreal wins every time — lined up to pose with and pet the pup. Between all that performing on stage was Moshow, better known as “the cat rapper” because — he raps about cats. During one song, he had fans meowing back at him and rhymed about “catnip.” The crowd, honestly, was infatuated and wanted more.

Also relevant: Moshow wore two different shoes on each foot, one boot and the other a Nike hi-top of some kind. We can’t tell you why, but it feels relevant. If you want more of the strangest, oddly sweet party of SXSW, check out our gallery above.


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