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Gossip: Chris Evans Was How Old When He Lost His Virginity? Plus, Angelina Jolie Drama

Chris Evans Was How Old When He Lost His Virginity?

Before he became a Hollywood superstar, Evans was an intern in New York City. He spent his time hanging with friends and looking forward to moving to Los Angeles to pursue his acting ambitions.

“I know I’m going to L.A. in August,” he said about the days during his internship. “So I go home and that spring I would wake up around noon, saunter into high school just to see my buddies, and we’d go get high in the parking lot. I just fucked off.”

Jealous Angelina Caused Major Drama With George Clooney’s Wife Amal

JEALOUS ….. Before Brad and Angelina split, Angelina caused major DRAMA with Brad pal George Clooney’s wife Amal.

An insider says, “Angie couldn’t stand being around Amal …… Not because Amal was rude or unkind, but solely because Angie was filled with envy. Angelina would even slam Amal’s looks and fashion sense.”

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