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Gossip: When Is Prince Harry Getting Engaged; A-Rod Has Bigger Ego Than JLo

Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has shutdown her lifestyle blog as she prepares to become a princess – and next she will be giving up her acting career.

“Meghan is getting ready to say goodbye to her acting career after Prince Harry proposes to her some time this summer,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “If the choice is between being a princess living in a palace with a real life prince, or shooting a TV show– it’s easy to pick. Meghan has also been meeting with several royal insiders to help her transition into her new role. They want this marriage to be as happy as Prince William and Kate Middleton. Kate knew exactly what she was getting into and they want Meghan to know too.”

Insiders reveal that we should expect a royal proposal over the summer.

A-Rod Has Bigger Ego Than JLO

Jennifer Lopez better get used to being the second diva in the family now that she is dating A-Rod.

“A-Rod makes Jennifer look normal. He has more pictures of himself around his home than anyone else in Hollywood. He even has a portrait of himself as a centaur over his bed,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “Jennifer is known for her ‘extensive glam squad,’ and can take up to three hours getting her hair and makeup done. However, he takes longer in the bathroom mirror than she does. She has finally found her match.”

Can you just imagine how long it takes these two to get ready for a date?


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