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Here’s How Meghan Markle Will Celebrate Her 37th Birthday This Weekend

If you were spending your first birthday as a member of the Royal Family, wouldn’t you expect a little more pomp and circumstance than your usual American birthday celebrations that somehow always ends at a dirty bar where you pound down a couple of cheap tequila shots while at least one of your friends Snapchats you with not so much as a fine layer of Facetune?

Meghan Markle is above that nonsense now. She’s the Duchess of Sussex and she’ll be spending her birthday this year doing something very much within the realm s of her Royal duties. She’ll be…attending a wedding?

On Saturday, Markle’s 37th birthday, the couple will be attending the ceremony of Charlie Van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks in Churt Surrey, England. Says Cosmo:

For those not hip to everyone the royals are friends with, Charlie is Harry’s childhood friend from Ludgrove Prep School who also attended Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding in May. Charlie’s older brother, Thomas Van Staubenzee, is Princess Charlotte’s godfather.

According to Royal photographer Tim Rooke, Harry will be the best man. But honestly, all anyone cares about is what will Markle be wearing? And can I get it off the rack?

Since the wedding will be in the afternoon, there is still a chance Harry will perform a romantic gesture by celebrating his new bride’s special day.

Last year, if you recall, right before they announced their engagement, Harry swept Markle off to Africa for her 36th birthday. At the time, there was strong speculation that Harry was going to propose to her during the trip. And this year, the couple will be celebrating an actual wedding.  Matrimony is the new birthday tradition, apparently.


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