Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Here’s Prince Harry’s Full Name, And It Doesn’t Include ‘Harry’

Prince Harry has made a headline or two in the past few months. So much so, he’s becoming a household name (at least in the homes of royal watchers). But the odd thing is, we don’t even know his name. It’s not Harry. Surprised?

While the fifth in line to the British throne is busy making wedding plans with his betrothed Meghan Markle, we’re over here wondering why we didn’t know his real name. How’d we miss that?

What’s Prince Harry’s full name? It’s Henry Charles Albert David. Harry is the nickname he’s held since he was a kid. Obviously, it stuck.

As for his title? It’s His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales. However, his surname is Mountbatten-Windsor, which is the title given to descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

The odds are on Harry becoming Duke of Sussex when he marries Meghan. And according to the Daily Express, Meghan would become the Duchess of Sussex, unless she rejects the title in lieu of  “Princess Meghan.”

The latter has a nice ring to it. What woman wouldn’t want that title?


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