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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Visit A Local California Marijuana Shop

When America’s most populated state legalizes recreational marijuana usage within the same week that Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinds the Obama-era federal policies that protected states legalizing marijuana, it’s an understatement that cannabis is a topic of national interest.

That intrigue, it appears, extended all the way to Jimmy Kimmel. With California legalizing the sale and consumption of recreational cannabis, Kimmel couldn’t resist the opportunity to turn the news event into a late-night segment. To explore this enthusiasm, Kimmel sent his bodyguard Guillermo to MedMen, the nationally-recognized cannabis retailer.

“I want to tell you this is the best idea you’ve had in 50 years, Jimmy!” Guillermo tells Kimmel.

Cameras showed off the store’s products and aesthetic, which Kimmel described as if “Steve Jobs designed a log cabin—it’s very sleek and all very high tech.”

It’s good-natured fun, with Guillermo and Kimmel interviewing a MedMen sales associate and customer. They also discovered cannabis treats for dogs and Guillermo had a great suggestion for who they should send those treats to.

Kimmel’s cannabis intrigue also extended to another segment where they grabbed passersby outside their studio. One of the contestants confessed they were high while the other two were not. Kimmel had to guess which was which. The results weren’t exactly what you might expect.

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